Have a HART

lonely dog in cage

Hun­dreds and hun­dreds ani­mals are mis­treated and aban­doned, then wind up in shel­ters, where many of them are euth­a­nized.  HART (Help­ing Ani­mals Res­cue Team) is an Idaho Falls-area orga­ni­za­tion ded­i­cated to res­cu­ing ani­mals from shel­ters and other less-than-ideal envi­ron­ments and helps to place them in lov­ing, “fur­ever” homes.

HART is always look­ing for peo­ple to help give fos­ter care to ani­mals and trans­port them around the area.  If you are inter­ested in vol­un­teer­ing to fos­ter, trans­port, or adopt through HART, con­tact them through their Face­book page and they’ll send you the req­ui­site paperwork.

Click Here to Visit the HART face­book page



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