Oatmeal Soak for Itchy Skin

Oatmeal bath 3

Does your dog have itchy skin?  Let­ting them soak with an oatmeal/baking soda mix for sev­eral min­utes just might do the trick.  Most if your all of these ingre­di­ents are in  your pantry.

Mix 1 part bak­ing soda, 2 parts oat­meal, 2 parts water

(make sure your tub drain is fully plugged so the oat­meal doesn’t clog the drain)

Stand you dog in the tub and get their fur damp but not soaked with cool water.  Take the oat­meal mix in hand­fuls and mas­sage it into your dog’s coat and skin, avoid­ing their eyes.  Allow the oat­meal mix to sit on your dog for at least five min­utes, 15 if they will let you.    Then, push off the excess slurry and rinse your pup with cool water.  Gen­tly pat them dry.


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