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Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Are your pets ready for the sum­mer heat?  Depend­ing on the age and breed of your of ani­mal some pets are not built for the heat.  This arti­cle is a nice reminder about how to keep your furry friend com­fort­able this sum­mer. You might have seen these on Pin­ter­est?  Make frozen dog treats for your […]



App Can Help You Find New Pet

  New App helps you find a looka­like pet or just a new pet.   You can load a pic­ture of a pet you used to own and it will find sim­i­lar ones in your area.  Now the pic­tures don’t show per­son­al­ity.  Have to make sure to spend a lit­tle time with the ani­mal to […]





Senior Pets

Wouldn’t it be nice if your pet could live as long as you do?  Aging pets require extra care and some­times it’s easy to for­get that.  Things hap­pen, the kids need to be taken to dance class, the house is a mess, and when will I ever find time to do the yard work.  If […]