Stop Doing This To Be Happier & Healthier

Stop doing this one thing to be hap­pier and health­ier.  Can you guess what it is?


The answer is actu­ally…stop check­ing your email at work.

If you’re hav­ing trou­ble con­cen­trat­ing at work, the prob­lem may be too much email. A new study finds that peo­ple who dis­con­nect from email when on the job are bet­ter able to focus on sin­gle tasks, shift between win­dows far less fre­quently and have con­sid­er­ably lower blood pres­sure than they do when check­ing that sweet, sweet Inbox. The study sug­gests that work­ers take “email vaca­tions” to de-stress, but don’t you want to take a bite off that apple, baby? Just a quick peek. It won’t hurt any­one. Daddy needs some sugar, then he’ll go back to work. Honest.



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