Strengthen Your Relationship In 6 Seconds


The “six-second kiss” is one simple and fun activity counselors advocate couples incorporate into their everyday moments of transition. Described as “long enough to feel romantic,” the six-second kiss serves as a temporary oasis within a busy day and creates a deliberate break between the on-the-job mentality (i.e., going to or from work) and a couple’s one-on-one time together.

Liza has been trying this with the Sweet Baboo and swears it works.  “At first I had to explain it to him.  He wasn’t used to a long smooch like that.”  She says “6 seconds feel like I’m present and in the moment.  It’s a little romantic but doesn’t necessarily have to lead to “Mommy Daddy Time.”  (tee hee)

Try it today.  Kiss your partner for 6 seconds and tell us what happens.


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