Summer Lovin': Best Way To Rekindle Your Romance



What is the best way to add a little romance to your relationship in the summer?

  • Update your look. Buy yourself a flirty little dress, or a new pair of sexy sandals to show off your pedicure. 
  • Be spontaneous. Throw out your to-do list for the day, turn off your phone and go on a romantic getaway. 
  • Try something new. Embrace your adventuresome side. Dust off your hiking boots, hop on a zip-line or try rock-climbing.
  • Be lazy. Spice up your love life with a day-long bed-in. Enjoy a quiet day, reading to each other, listening to music and cuddling. 
  • Have fun. Remember what you and your partner used to do when you first started dating? Where did he take you? What was the most fun? Revisit those places and rekindle that spark you once had.


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