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Things She Wishes You'd Do

Yes­ter­day, I asked my hus­band if he would have come by my office to pick up my car and put gas in it. He said that he would have, and it really made me wish I had called and asked! He also blows me kisses all the time. It’s our code for ‘I love you.’ […]



Is It Chatting Or Cheating

Is it chat­ting or cheat­ing? Are you friends or flirt­ing? These are the five warn­ing signs that your rela­tion­ship is vul­ner­a­ble to cheat­ing: • You feel lonely. You may share the same address but live in two dif­fer­ent worlds. You’re spend­ing less time together due to work, the chil­dren, or sep­a­rate inter­ests. • Lack of […]