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American Idol Insider

  Want to know what it’s really like behind the scenes at Amer­i­can Idol?  Cas­sidy Bron­son of Idaho Falls made it all the way to the L.A. Idol audi­tions.  Find out how much is real in real­ity tele­vi­sion Tues­day morn­ing at 6:45 with Mike & Liza.



Which Singing Competition Show Is Your Favorite

Are you watch­ing… Amer­i­can Idol with Mariah, Keith, Nicki & Randy? The Voice with Adam, CeeLo, Christina & Blake? The X-Factor with Simon, Brit­ney, L.A. & Demi? Do you choose your singing com­pe­ti­tion show based on the judges, the for­mat or the singers?  



American Idol in Idaho Falls

How did Mike & Liza’s audi­tion go for Amer­i­can Idol? Watch and find out. The very first stop for the Amer­i­can Idol Small Town Audi­tion Bus Tour was Sat­ur­day, August 4, 2012 in Idaho Falls. Mike & Liza audi­tion for Norm Betts, senior pro­ducer for Amer­i­can Idol. Will you see them in Sea­son 12?



You Choose Mike & Liza's American Idol Audition Song

  Mike & Liza are going to audi­tion for Amer­i­can Idol when the small bus tour rolls into Idaho Falls this Sat­ur­day.  You get to choose their audi­tion piece. Mon­day:  Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart Amer­i­can Idol Audi­tion — Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart Tues­day:  Sum­mer Nights Amer­i­can Idol Audi­tion — Sum­mer Nights Wednes­day:  Islands in The Stream […]



What Are Your American Idol Plans

Amer­i­can Idol offi­cials pre­dicted there will be “between 50 and 200″ peo­ple at their Idaho Falls audi­tions Sat­ur­day, August 4th. We think they might be under­es­ti­mat­ing east Idaho’s enthu­si­asm for all things Idol. What are your Amer­i­can Idol plans?  Take our poll here.



American Idol? Excited or indifferent?

The show still does rea­son­ably well in the rat­ings. Some say it  is past its prime. Seacrest may be out after this sea­son due to his high salary. Do you watch? Or are you bored with it? –Paul