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Americans Still Prefer A Male Boss

If you were tak­ing a new job and had the choice between a male boss and a female boss, which would you choose?  A new poll says most Amer­i­cans still pre­fer to work for a male boss over a female boss by 35% to 23%.   But 4 out of 10 peo­ple have no preference.



Want To Impress Your Boss

    SAVE HER MONEY. “Bosses are under enor­mous finan­cial pres­sure, and if you can relieve some of that with money-saving strate­gies, you’ll show your boss that you care about her wel­fare and the suc­cess of the com­pany.” — Jes­sica Eaves Math­ews, founder and CEO of Lever­age a Lawyer, a vir­tual law firm, Albu­querque, NM MAKE HER […]