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Copy Cat Recipes - Do They Work

  Have you tried to make the Colonel’s fried chicken, Cafe Rio’s sweet pork, or The Olive Garden’s bread­sticks?  Do copy cat recipes taste like the orig­i­nal?  Share yours with us.  Find more copy cat recipes here.



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Cat Conundrum

Dear Mike & Liza, Our cat has dia­betes. She has to have shots twice a day. It’s expen­sive, it’s time con­sum­ing and the cat hates the shots. Our lives revolve around this cat. My hus­band has adjusted his work sched­ule. We can’t go on vaca­tion. And twice a day I feel like I’m tor­tur­ing her. […]




The sep­a­ra­tion from a beloved furry friend who dies can be too much for some pet lovers. Some own­ers may opt to have their much-missed ani­mal buddy stuffed and mounted to main­tain that com­pan­ion­ship so famil­iar around the home, rather than the more con­ven­tional approach of hav­ing their cher­ished chum cre­mated or bury­ing them in […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Father's Not Fair

  Dear Mike & Liza, My hus­band seems to have assigned all of his chores to our 2 old­est chil­dren. Sud­denly they are clean­ing the cat box, tak­ing out the trash, and mow­ing the lawn. I’m not upset that the chil­dren have chores, but the bal­ance is off now. I have respon­si­bilites, they have responsibilites, […]