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Size Denial

Ladies, does size denial exist?  Ever pur­chased an item of cloth­ing that was a tad too small and promised your­self you’ll soon be able to get into it?  48 per­cent say they’ve inten­tion­ally bought an item of cloth­ing that was one size too small as an incen­tive to slim down.



You Can Help

The Amer­i­can Red Cross says the best way you can help vic­tims of the Char­lotte Fire  is with a finan­cial con­tri­bu­tion. They don’t have the abil­ity to store, sort & dis­trib­ute cloth­ing — and they are hav­ing a hard time stor­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing food.  The Red Cross encour­ages you to make cloth­ing and food donations […]