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Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Crafts Or Cash

Dear Mike & Liza I’ve been working on craft projects to give as Christmas gifts.  They are gifts for neighbors, teachers and co-workers. My husband says he is embarrassed by these presents and would rather give the cash equivalent.  I say small gifts, made by hand and given with love are the best.  Would you […]



Crafting: Is It Worth It

    This glitter pumpkin is made of plastic.                                               This glitter pumpkin is real. It cost $7.97 and took about 5 minutes to buy.                 […]



What's Your Crafting Essential?

It’s craft season – what’s the one craft item you just can’t live without? Here are 10 great ideas for getting your craft supplies organized, and keep them organized through Christmas.           Follow us on Pinterest for great craft ideas all year round.