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Christmas Crafts For The Kids

I always loved mak­ing orna­ments with my grandma.  Go above and beyond just the orna­ments there are ideas below for chil­dren of all ages and skill level.  You and your chil­dren can make every­thing from aprons, no-melt snow­men, even stamped sta­tion­ary.  If you have a great craft idea for the kids that is not listed […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Crafts Or Cash

Dear Mike & Liza I’ve been work­ing on craft projects to give as Christ­mas gifts.  They are gifts for neigh­bors, teach­ers and co-workers. My hus­band says he is embar­rassed by these presents and would rather give the cash equiv­a­lent.  I say small gifts, made by hand and given with love are the best.  Would you rather […]