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Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Collectibles or Clutter

  Dear Mike & Liza, My husand is devoted to Star Wars col­lectibles.  Our home has started to look like “The Trou­ble with Trib­bles.”  He has mul­ti­ple dis­play cases but they’re all full and now I have Chew­bac­cas, Yodas and Jab­bas (mint con­di­tion) in my china cab­i­net.  I’d like him to keep his stuff in boxes […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Bail Them Out Or Let Them Fail

  Dear Mike & Liza, My wife keeps bail­ing out my kids, time and time again. She’s gone out to buy poster board at 10 p.m. for a school project that’s due the next day. She bought 39 candy bars from a box of 40 that were sup­posed to be sold for a school fundraiser. I want […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Politically Correct or Overbearing

  Dear Mike & Liza, My hus­band is very pas­sion­ate about pol­i­tics and he shares his views with every­one — includ­ing my friends. He even gets upset when other peo­ple don’t agree with him. It’s start­ing to feel a lit­tle rude and over­bear­ing. I want to sup­port my hus­band, but I don’t want to alienate […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Home Office Or Homewrecker

  Dear Mike & Liza, My husband’s com­pany moved and offered to let him set up a home office so we didn’t have to move our fam­ily.   At first we were really excited, but now we just seem to be in each oth­ers way.  Our kids are 5 and 3 and don’t under­stand the dif­fer­ence between […]



Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Don't Forget The Lyrics

Dear Mike & Liza, My hus­band sings the wrong lyrics to songs. Not cur­rent hits…songs that he’s been singing wrong for up to 20 years. I Google the lyrics for him and tell him what the real words are, but he just keeps belt­ing out his own spe­cial ver­sion. It’s dri­ving me crazy. Please make […]



Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Team Effort Or Too Bossy

Dear Mike & Liza, My wife posted “our” New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions on the fridge this morn­ing.  She decided what “our” res­o­lu­tions were so “we” could work hard to achieve them in 2012. They are the usual, get of debt, eat more veg­eta­bles, and spend more time together.  I am just won­der­ing how she got to decide what “our” […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref - What Direction Should The Silverware Point

  Dear Mike & Liza, I love lis­ten­ing to Mar­riage Ref every week and I NEVER thought I’d have any­thing for you to decide — but here I am.  My hus­band has started putting the forks and knives point­ing up in the dish­washer.  He has some cocka­mamie the­ory about them dam­ag­ing the plas­tic bas­ket.  I don’t want to […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref - Hoarder or Provider

Dear Mike & Liza, Have you heard that peanuts are going to go up 35% in price?  Appar­ently my hus­band has.  He’s been stock­pil­ing jars of peanuts and peanut but­ter for weeks.  It’s too much!  And we don’t even eat that much peanut but­ter. Please help. Jen­nifer, Ammon



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: No Follow Through Or A Nagging Wife

Dear Mike & Liza, My hus­band has the best inten­tions, but he’s con­stantly say­ing he’s going to do things (clean out the garage, put up the storm win­dows, replace that out­let) but he doesn’t do them.  When I remind him, he says I’m a nag. What should I do? Nancy, Rexburg 



Is It Wrong To Kill The Hobos?

Dear Mike & Liza, My wife is so anti-killing I’ve stopped hunt­ing and fish­ing.  Now she wants me to stop killing hobo spi­ders.  I think they are a dan­ger to our 2 month old son.  AND, they’re just spi­ders. Tell her she’s nuts. Kevin, IdahoFalls