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I Want To Eat Your Baby

“I want to eat your baby.”  Why do women say that? It starts with “He’s so cute.” This leads to “He’s adorable,” which levels up to “What a little munchkin!” By now, we’re on our way to “I just want to squeeze those chubby little cheeks,” which begets “Look at this LITTLE MAN!” And that […]



What Would Batman Eat

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to make healthy choices when it comes to food? Try this – ask them “What would Batman eat?” Batman, Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow…use whatever hero you think your child will most respond to. Then, let us know how it worked. We can’t wait to hear from […]



Do You Eat Day Old Salad

  Do you eat day old salad?  Liza says it’s yucky. Mike says that makes her a salad snob.  What do you think?



Pickled Eggs - Try Them

After Easter, you will always find a jar of pickled eggs on Liza’s kitchen counter.  Some people say “Ewwwww!” but these are really a delicious treat.  Eat them whole, slice them up in a salad or give them a little mash and serve on toast. PICKLED EGGS 4 c. white vinegar 1/2 c. sugar 2 […]



What Would Your Man Eat

Can your man feed himself? Liza came home to find her husband and son staring at the kitchen. “Oh thank goodness you’re home. We’re starving!” Would men eat if women weren’t around to feed them, and if so, what would they eat?