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Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Cyber Spying Or Responsible Parenting

Dear Mike & Liza, My kids both have Face­book accounts and spend a rea­son­able amount of time on them.  I insist on know­ing their pass­word and I check their pages daily.  I mon­i­tor the pic­tures they post, the arti­cles they read, the music they lis­ten to and even the mes­sages they send to their friends. My […]



Make 10 Beauty Resolutions This Year

Want to look as pretty as pos­si­ble in 2012? Then vow to fol­low some (or all!) of these great ideas. 1. Repeat your great­est hits. You’ve got 608 pic­tures of your­self tagged on Face­book. It’s time to do some seri­ous click­ing and hunt for the pho­tos in which you look the best. If you love […]



Track Santa With NORAD

  You’ll love to track Santa’s Christ­mas Eve Trav­els with NORAD (North Amer­i­can Aero­space Defense Com­mand) and this year you can “Like” them on Face­book, fol­low them on Twit­ter, and down­load the APP for your smart­phone. Merry Christ­mas and safe trav­els Santa. Mike & Liza



Jingle Bingo Questions & Answers

Q: How do I play? A: Get your Jin­gle Bingo card at Facebook.com/Classy97. The card is good for the week. The start time for each day is printed on the card.  Once we say “Jin­gle Bingo starts now,” begin cross­ing off song titles when we play them.  Cross off five songs in a row and be […]



Do You Dress Up Your Pets

  10% of Amer­i­cans admit to dress­ing up their pets in cos­tumes.  Are you one of them?  Will you share your cute pet pic­ture with us?  www.facebook.com/classy97