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Food For Furry Friends

You can help re-stock the food bank at the Pocatello Animal Shelter and the Bannock Humane Society.  Make your pet food donation at  Phil Meador from now until January 31st.  Help pets in need, make a donation today.



Which Is Healthier This Thanksgiving

  Food Network Magazine staged a Thanksgiving face-off and asked a registered dietitian to name the better choices. Study up before the big meal: Here’s how some staples compare.  



Make & Stick To A Holiday Budget

You can make and stick to a Christmas budget this year.  Download our Christmas budget spreadsheet and find out how much you really spend on friends, family, decorations and even food.



What's Your Favorite Fair Food

What’s your favorite fair food?  Mike & Liza are getting an early taste of all the delicious treats at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  They’ll share their favorites tomorrow – what are yours?



Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

Your kids are eating more processed food than ever.  What are some healthy snacks we can fill them up with this summer? Share your favorite recipe with us and check out our Healthy Snacks For Kids board on Pinterest for a little inspiration.



How You Know "It's On"

Fill in the blank: If my spouse shows up with ____________ I know “it’s on!” Mike likes to surprise Schmoopy with flowers. At Liza’s house it’s Chinese food and a Van Morrison album.  What works for you and your spouse?



How Much Is Your Pet Costing You

Food, grooming, veterinary care…even treats and toys can add up. How much are you spending on your pet ever year? Find out if you’re spending too much, or too little, with our poll.  Click here. 



Scouting For Food 2011

  It’s time for Scouting For Food. Make sure your bags or boxes of food are out by 9:00 a.m. Saturday.  The Boy Scouts are hoping to get 500,000 items of food this year and remember, it all stays in east Idaho. If the Scouts somehow miss your house, and you want to make a […]



Art For Food

Art for Food is an annual celebration for the Pocatello “Mayor’s Awards for the Arts” – recognizing indivuals and corporations for their contributions to art in the Pocatello community. Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad plans to recognize this year’s recipients on Thursday, October 13, 2011. This event is hosted by the Idaho Foodbank, 555 South 1st […]