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Wardrobe Items Your Man Wants You To Throw Out

  Ladies, before you switch to your summer wardrobe, we’ll tell you what your man wants you to throw out. Anything from your closet spring to mind?   Rival team jerseys Say, for example, that your guy is a Yankees fan. That Red Sox jersey you have may be one for the “toss it” pile. […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Technology At The Table

Dear Mike & Liza, My Brother-In-Law has dinner with us at least once a week.  He’s a great guy, except he keeps checking his phone while we’re eating.  I don’t let anyone else bring their phones to the table.  My husband, his brother, says he’s a guest and should be treated like one.  What do […]




I’m not usually a big energy drink guy, but today I had a “Rockstar”. About halfway through I realized it had more caffeine than about 3 cans of soda. Yep, I felt it, though it was quite refreshing. What do you think about kids drinking these, let alone adults?