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Healthy Halloween Candy

What would your kids do with veggie-flavored Hal­loween candy?   Crest and Oral-B decided to try it out on the chil­dren in the video below.  This video is sure to make you smile!



Do You Steal Halloween Candy From Your Kids

Do you steal your kid’s Hal­loween candy?  More than 80% of par­ents admit to steal­ing their kid’s Hal­loween candy.  



What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy

What’s your favorite Hal­loween candy? Our office exper­i­ment started with an equal amount of: Almond Joy Reese’s Milky Way Snicker’s Peanut M&M Skittle’s Whopper’s Plain M&M Star­burst Hershey’s Cook­ies & Cream Hershey’s Plain Twix That’s the order they went out of the bowl.  We were both sur­prised to see Almond Joy go first, and even more […]



What Is The Worst Halloween Candy

These Root Beer fla­vored Frooties are the WORST Hal­loween candy we’ve ever got­ten.  What do you think the worst candy is? Mike doesn’t like Sixlets or those peanut but­ter taffy’s (which Liza loves.) Liza hates Banana Laffy Taffy and Necco Wafers (yuck.) And what neigh­bor­hood has the best candy?  We’re look­ing for full size candy bars wrapped […]