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Healthy Halloween Candy

What would your kids do with veggie-flavored Halloween candy?   Crest and Oral-B decided to try it out on the children in the video below.  This video is sure to make you smile!



Do You Steal Halloween Candy From Your Kids

Do you steal your kid’s Halloween candy?  More than 80% of parents admit to stealing their kid’s Halloween candy.  



What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Our office experiment started with an equal amount of: Almond Joy Reese’s Milky Way Snicker’s Peanut M&M Skittle’s Whopper’s Plain M&M Starburst Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Hershey’s Plain Twix That’s the order they went out of the bowl.  We were both surprised to see Almond Joy go first, and even […]



What Is The Worst Halloween Candy

These Root Beer flavored Frooties are the WORST Halloween candy we’ve ever gotten.  What do you think the worst candy is? Mike doesn’t like Sixlets or those peanut butter taffy’s (which Liza loves.) Liza hates Banana Laffy Taffy and Necco Wafers (yuck.) And what neighborhood has the best candy?  We’re looking for full size candy […]