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What Happened To Christmas Cards

What hap­pened to per­sonal, hand­writ­ten Christ­mas cards?  Liza got her first Christ­mas Card of the sea­son — a photo mon­tage, with Merry Christ­mas and Happy New Year printed on the bot­tom.  It wasn’t even signed.  Does any­one write Christ­mas cards anymore?



New Thanksgiving Hit Song

  What do you think…and remember…she’s 12 years old. Happy Thanksgiving



What Are You Thankful For

  What are you thank­ful for? It feels so good to take a minute and push aside all the com­plaints of the day and just be thank­ful.  Share some­thing you’re thank­ful for with us, and we’ll share it with all of east Idaho. We got this in our inbox today.  It’s a pretty good list.  Add to […]