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You Choose Mike & Liza's American Idol Audition Song

  Mike & Liza are going to audi­tion for Amer­i­can Idol when the small bus tour rolls into Idaho Falls this Sat­ur­day.  You get to choose their audi­tion piece. Mon­day:  Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart Amer­i­can Idol Audi­tion — Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart Tues­day:  Sum­mer Nights Amer­i­can Idol Audi­tion — Sum­mer Nights Wednes­day:  Islands in The Stream […]



Is The Burger Worth The Risk

The Dou­ble Bypass Burger at The Heart Attack Grill has claimed a sec­ond vic­tim.  The burger looks deli­cious.  Is it worth the risk?  Take our Face­book Poll. 



Halloween Battle Of The Sexes

  What is the name of the Doc­tor in the famous Mary Shelly story? Wat­son Franken­stein Demento   What is the name of the mon­ster cre­ated by Bram Stoker? Were­wolf Drac­ula Cyclops   How do you kill a Were­wolf? Drive a stake through his heart With a sil­ver bul­let Drag him into the day­light How […]



Steve Jobs' Inspiring Words

[vsw id=“UF8uR6Z6KLc” source=“youtube” width=“550” height=“400” autoplay=“no”] Steve Jobs Stan­ford Grad­u­a­tion Address — 2005 Tran­script I am hon­ored to be with you today at your com­mence­ment from one of the finest uni­ver­si­ties in the world. I never grad­u­ated from col­lege. Truth be told, this is the clos­est I’ve ever got­ten to a col­lege grad­u­a­tion. Today I want […]