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Welcome To Winter

  Idaho winter—you either love it or hate it. But one thing is for certain, if you live in eastern Idaho, you better learn how to deal with it. It’s coming. To make winter easier to deal with this year, Idaho Falls Magazine is teaming up with SnoWestMagazine, Riverbend Communications and Action Motor Sports to sponsor the first ever “Welcome […]



25 Things You Don't Know About The President

1. I’m the first president to ever tweet — @BarackObama. I have nearly 22 million followers! 2. I taught Sasha how to shoot a three-pointer. 3. I’m left-handed. 4. I’m a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan. When I threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ home opener in 2010, I agreed to wear […]



Best Scary Movies For The Family

What are your favorite scary movies to watch with the family this Halloween? Here are some great PG-13 screamers.  Pop some popcorn, curl up on the couch and enjoy. “1408” Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is a skeptic who checks into room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel intent on debunking its paranormal legacy. Unbeknownst to Mike, […]



Are You True To Your School

What if you went to Pocatello High School and your children go to Highland?  Are you a Tiger that married a Grizzly?  How do you handle those cross town rivalries in your own home?



What Pet Are You Surprised You Love

Liza’s son wants an unusual pet.  She is resisting.  Lot’s of mom’s don’t want snakes or lizards or gerbils in their home.  What pet are you surprised to find you love?  



What Are Your First Day Of School Traditions

Liza stays home to get the kids out the door on the 1st day of school every year.  She like to make them special pancakes and pack their lunches with love.  What are your 1st day of school traditions? And check our Pinterst Board for lots of great Back To School ideas.



East Idaho Takes Care Of East Idaho

Idaho Falls Citizens We Can Help:  This page is for Idaho Falls area residents who like to make a difference in the community.  If you want to help, click this link, join the Facebook group and stay involved with your community. On Thursday morning, an Idaho Falls family watched as everything they own went up […]



What Would You Do With $1000

The Johnson family won $1000 this year with our Classy Cash Call.  They used the money to travel to California and welcome their daughter home from her military deployment.   July 14, 2012 Dear Friends at KLCE, As we have returned from our trip to California to see our daughter’s homecoming from her deployment our […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Should He Stay Home

Dear Mike & Liza, My husband and I have been married 4 years, we both work, and we don’t have any children. I just got a major promotion at work that will mean I make considerably more money than the hubs. I suggested that when we do have children, he quit his job and be […]



Is It Chatting Or Cheating

Is it chatting or cheating? Are you friends or flirting? These are the five warning signs that your relationship is vulnerable to cheating: • You feel lonely. You may share the same address but live in two different worlds. You’re spending less time together due to work, the children, or separate interests. • Lack of […]