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What Lessons Would You Take

  What lessons would you like to take, as an adult?  Kim Kar­dashian is tak­ing piano lessons at age 34.  What would you like to learn as an adult?  Take cook­ing lessons?  Learn a new lan­guage?  Pick up an instru­ment?  Tell us here and 6:45 tomor­row morning.



Winning.....Tickets To See William Joseph

You Have A Chance To Win Tick­ets to See Willam Joseph with the Teton Cham­ber Orches­tra. Find Out How On Our Classy 97 Face­book Page. The Con­cert is This Sat­ur­day March 7th. Joseph opened for Josh Groban’s “Closer” tour in 2014 and for Clay Aiken’s “Joy­ful Noise” tour in 2005. He has also per­formed with Natalie […]



What Would You Do If You Were Rich

  What would you do if you were rich?  We mean, really, really  rich.  For the 16th time in 21 years Bill Gates tops the Forbes’ list of the World’s Rich­est Peo­ple.  His wealth is approach­ing $80 bil­lion.  What would you do with money like that?  A pri­vate island…fancy cars…philanthropy?  Tell us what you would do […]



Oh No I Forgot My Cell Phone

If You leave the house with­out your cell phone, Do ya feel a lit­tle bit naked—and you are not alone. In a recent sur­vey of res­i­dents in the UK, more than half of the peo­ple ques­tioned said they expe­ri­enced some form of “nomo­pho­bia” (short for no-mobile-phone pho­bia), includ­ing fear of los­ing sig­nal, killing their battery, […]



They Say its Your Birthday....George.

Happy birth­day, George Har­ri­son. The for­mer Bea­tle, who died in 2001, would have been 72 today. Fondly known by fans as “the quiet Bea­tle,” he only per­formed in San Diego once with the Fab Four, in August, 1965, at Bal­boa Sta­dium. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Har­ri­son qui­etly came here a num­ber of times to […]



New Dr Seuss Book Is Coming To Bookstores

More than 20 years after his death, there is still plenty of news about Dr Seuss. Ran­dom House Children’s Books said on Wednes­day it will pub­lish a recently dis­cov­ered man­u­script with illus­tra­tions called What Pet Should I Get? on 28 July. The pub­lisher plans at least two more books, based on mate­ri­als found in 2013 in […]



Mike & Liza's All Time Academy Awards

  It’s Mike & Liza’s All Time Acad­emy Awards. Vote for Best Film of All Time, Best Actress of All Time and Best Actor of All Time. Tell us your favorites here and 6:45 tomor­row morn­ing.  And remem­ber, it’s an honor just to be nominated.



Mike & Liza's Family Feud: Spring Break Schedule

  Dear Mike & Liza, My hus­band can’t take vaca­tion dur­ing our kids Spring Break.  He’s ask­ing if we can take the kids out of school 4 extra days right before their break.  I think it’s a bad idea.  He says he wants to spend qual­ity fam­ily time with them on HIS sched­ule, not the […]



Are You Addicted To Your Cellphone

It’s hard to imag­ine life with­out smart­phones. For many Amer­i­cans, it’s the first thing they see after wak­ing and the last thing they check before falling asleep. Sixty-eight per­cent of adult Amer­i­cans sleep with their cell­phones next to their beds. A major­ity text or talk while dri­ving. A Har­ris Inter­ac­tive poll shows that a third […]



Fat Tuesday....Laissez Bon Temps Rouler

Mardi Gras, Fat Tues­day Is Today, Lais­sez Bon Temps Roulez-” let the good times roll”, refers to events of the Car­ni­val cel­e­bra­tions, begin­ning on or after the Epiphany or King’s Day and cul­mi­nat­ing on the day before Ash Wednes­day. Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tues­day”, reflect­ing the prac­tice of the last night of eating […]