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Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Keep Complaining Or Quit

  Dear Mike & Liza, My wife needs to quit her job.  She comes home from work every night and com­plains, com­plains, com­plains about her job.  It’s not like she’s a top exec­u­tive at a for­tune 500 com­pany.  She works in retail.  She can get another job sell­ing clothes. I’m just tired of hear­ing her complain […]



What Would You Put In Your Obituary

A Salt Lake City man knew he was dying and wrote his own obit­u­ary before he died.  It’s touch­ing, it’s sweet, it’s pro­found.  It’s also pretty funny that he used his obit­u­ary to make a few sur­pris­ing con­fes­sions.  What would you put in your obit­u­ary? Val Pat­ter­son 1953 — 2012 I was Born in Salt Lake […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Game Time Or Waste Of Time

Dear Mike & Liza We’re only a cou­ple days into Sum­mer Vaca­tion and I’m notic­ing a prob­lem.  Our 13 year old son is glued to the TV play­ing video games. He’s too young to get a job, and my hus­band says we can’t force him into activ­i­ties he’s not inter­ested in.  I’m wor­ried that 3 months […]



10 Compliments Your Kids Need To Hear

  1. Com­pli­ment their char­ac­ter. We live in a world where integrity is nei­ther con­sis­tently taught nor widely expected. When our chil­dren demon­strate hon­esty, kind­ness, trust­wor­thi­ness and reli­a­bil­ity, that’s a great time to take them aside and offer a sin­cere com­pli­ment. 2. Com­pli­ment obe­di­ence and respect. It’s too easy to fall into pat­terns of disapproval, […]



Stop Doing This To Be Happier & Healthier

Stop doing this one thing to be hap­pier and health­ier.  Can you guess what it is?   The answer is actu­ally…stop check­ing your email at work. If you’re hav­ing trou­ble con­cen­trat­ing at work, the prob­lem may be too much email. A new study finds that peo­ple who dis­con­nect from email when on the job are bet­ter able […]