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What Did You Discover As A Kid

Liza’s son start­ing doing this a cou­ple days ago.  Mike believed he dis­cov­ered how to make the robot voice when he was a kid.  Liza believed she invented the Slip N’ Slide long before she saw it on TV. What did you think you dis­cov­ered when you were a kid?  (We bet your kids think they’re […]



Zombie Kid Likes Turtles




What Does Your Kid Wish You Would Stop Saying

Do you talk like your teen?  Mike picks up on all the things “the kids are say­ing” and uses them reg­u­larly. (Totes adorbs?)  Ask your child today — what is the one thing they would like you to stop say­ing?  And share it with us here.  It’ll be off the heezy.