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KLCE 97 Second Chance Prom

Join us for the  KLCE Second Chance Prom Saturday April 27th at Hillcrest High 8-12.  BTW,  did you go to your high school prom?  (you don’t have to say the year)



Jingle Bingo FAQ

Q: How do I play? A: Get your Jingle Bingo card here.  The card is good for the week. The start time for each day is printed on the card. Once we say “Jingle Bingo starts now,” begin crossing off song titles when we play them. Cross off five songs in a row vertically, horizontally […]



What Would You Do With $1000

The Johnson family won $1000 this year with our Classy Cash Call.  They used the money to travel to California and welcome their daughter home from her military deployment.   July 14, 2012 Dear Friends at KLCE, As we have returned from our trip to California to see our daughter’s homecoming from her deployment our […]



Pinterest: What's The Best Thing You've Found

  What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pinterest? A recipe? A gardening tip? Cute shoes? We’re making the Pinterest KLCE Listener Best Of board.  What would you add to it?



KLCE technical problems

You can still listen to KLCE on line at KLCE.com



Traffic Light

What is the longest traffic light in your community? My vote for Idaho Falls is 17th and Woodruff, with 17th and Hitt, and 17th and Channing close runner-ups. Notice all three have one thing in common (17th). What traffic light can get you through a whole song on KLCE?