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KLCE 97 Second Chance Prom

Join us for the  KLCE Sec­ond Chance Prom Sat­ur­day April 27th at Hill­crest High 8–12.  BTW,  did you go to your high school prom?  (you don’t have to say the year)



Jingle Bingo FAQ

Q: How do I play? A: Get your Jin­gle Bingo card here.  The card is good for the week. The start time for each day is printed on the card. Once we say “Jin­gle Bingo starts now,” begin cross­ing off song titles when we play them. Cross off five songs in a row ver­ti­cally, hor­i­zon­tally or […]



What Would You Do With $1000

The John­son fam­ily won $1000 this year with our Classy Cash Call.  They used the money to travel to Cal­i­for­nia and wel­come their daugh­ter home from her mil­i­tary deploy­ment.   July 14, 2012 Dear Friends at KLCE, As we have returned from our trip to Cal­i­for­nia to see our daughter’s home­com­ing from her deploy­ment our thoughts again […]



Pinterest: What's The Best Thing You've Found

  What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pin­ter­est? A recipe? A gar­den­ing tip? Cute shoes? We’re mak­ing the Pin­ter­est KLCE Lis­tener Best Of board.  What would you add to it?



KLCE technical problems

You can still lis­ten to KLCE on line at KLCE.com



Traffic Light

What is the longest traf­fic light in your com­mu­nity? My vote for Idaho Falls is 17th and Woodruff, with 17th and Hitt, and 17th and Chan­ning close runner-ups. Notice all three have one thing in com­mon (17th). What traf­fic light can get you through a whole song on KLCE?