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Write Your Six Word Love Story

What is your 6 word love story?  Share it with us here.



What Are Your First Day Of School Traditions

Liza stays home to get the kids out the door on the 1st day of school every year.  She like to make them spe­cial pan­cakes and pack their lunches with love.  What are your 1st day of school tra­di­tions? And check our Pin­terst Board for lots of great Back To School ideas.



30 By 30

30 Things Every Woman Should Have & Know By The Time She’s 30 What would you add to the list? 1. One old boyfriend you can imag­ine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come. 2. A decent piece of fur­ni­ture not pre­vi­ously owned by any­one else in your fam­ily. 3. Something […]



Steve Jobs' Inspiring Words

[vsw id=“UF8uR6Z6KLc” source=“youtube” width=“550” height=“400” autoplay=“no”] Steve Jobs Stan­ford Grad­u­a­tion Address — 2005 Tran­script I am hon­ored to be with you today at your com­mence­ment from one of the finest uni­ver­si­ties in the world. I never grad­u­ated from col­lege. Truth be told, this is the clos­est I’ve ever got­ten to a col­lege grad­u­a­tion. Today I want […]