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Does Your Man Need "The Man Aisle"

Get ready to stock up your man cave! An Upper West Side gro­cery store yes­ter­day launched the city’s first “man aisle” — a por­tion of the store ded­i­cated to facil­i­tate a dude’s otherwise-arduous trip to the gro­cery store by putting every­thing in one con­ve­nient loca­tion — from con­doms to steak sauce. “It’s your essen­tials,” explained […]



Wardrobe Items Your Man Wants You To Throw Out

  Ladies, before you switch to your sum­mer wardrobe, we’ll tell you what your man wants you to throw out. Any­thing from your closet spring to mind?   Rival team jer­seys Say, for exam­ple, that your guy is a Yan­kees fan. That Red Sox jer­sey you have may be one for the “toss it” pile. If you […]



Would You Buy Spanx For Men For Your Man

Ladies have been lov­ing them for years.  Now there are Spanx for men…Manx.  Would you buy these for your man?  Men, would you wear them?



What Would Your Man Eat

Can your man feed him­self? Liza came home to find her hus­band and son star­ing at the kitchen. “Oh thank good­ness you’re home. We’re starv­ing!” Would men eat if women weren’t around to feed them, and if so, what would they eat?