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What Do You Want For Christmas

Come sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christ­mas. He knows you want “Peace on Earth and Good­will to Men.”  What do you want to unwrap this year?  What can Santa leave under your tree?  What do you want for Christ­mas? We’ll share your let­ters to Santa at 6:45 tomor­row morn­ing. And […]



Would You Buy Spanx For Men For Your Man

Ladies have been lov­ing them for years.  Now there are Spanx for men…Manx.  Would you buy these for your man?  Men, would you wear them?



Two and A Half Men

Two and A Half Men, you know the show that used to have Char­lie Sheen and now has Ash­ton Kutcher, was the most watched Mon­day night, and was the high­est rated show the series has ever had. Are you, were you a fan of the show? Do you think it was as good as the […]