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Rules For Your Kids & Their Smartphone

Do you have rules and reg­u­la­tions for your kids and their smart­phones?  One mom gave her 13 year old an iPhone for Christ­mas, and it came with the fol­low­ing let­ter. What do you think of her par­ent­ing style and what rules do you have for your kids in regards to tech­nol­ogy? Dear Gre­gory Merry Christmas! […]



What Was Your Favorite Christmas Toy

  This Holly Hob­bie oven was Liza’s favorite child­hood Christ­mas present.  Her mom says “As soon as you opened it, Christ­mas stopped.  All you wanted to do was bake tiny cakes all day.” What was your favorite Christ­mas toy?  Post a pic­ture of it and tell us why you loved it. Merry Christ­mas & Ho Ho Ho Mike […]