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How Do You Save Money

How do you save money? If you resolved to get fiscally fit in 2013 we have some great tips to help you get your finances in order, save money for the future and have more money in your bank account today. 1. Make a Three-Year Plan “Think three years out: Where do you want to […]



You Can Save Money On Dining Out And Clothes




Help Raise Money for the Pocatello Animal Shelter



Are You A Tax Procrastinator

Tomorrow is “Tax Day.”  Did you wait until the last minute to get yours done?  It could be costing you money.  Find out why, and how to avoid paying more next year.  



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Memories Or Money

Dear Mike & Liza, My husband gave me a Thomas Kinkade for our 10th anniversary.  It’s a print, but it does have an original signature.  When Kinkade died, my husband almost immediately started scouring auction sites.  He thinks we can sell it for $12,000.  It was a gift and it’s special to me.   He […]



Taxes due soon

Taxes will be due April 17th. Or maybe you get a big refund every year. If you do, they say you are just lending the government money. Do you owe or are expecting a refund? Have you started to work on them, or are you already done? -Paul