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Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning

Mike says “No, no, no. Never, never, never.” to open­ing any  presents on Christ­mas Eve. Liza lets the kids open one.  (They are always new Christ­mas jam­mies) What do you say — yes or no to Christ­mas Eve presents?  



Favorite Holiday Treats

What’s your favorite hol­i­day treat?  Fudge…sugar cookies…pretzels with Rolo’s squished on top?  Spread the Christ­mas cheer and share your favorite with us here and at 6:45 Mon­day morning.  



Do You Have More Than One Christmas Tree

Do you put up mul­ti­ple Christ­mas trees?  Liza has one upstairs and one down­stairs.  Mike has a friend who has 5.  How many Christ­mas trees to you put up and why do you have mul­ti­ples?  Tell us here, or 6:45 tomor­row morning.



Win Tickets To The Forgotten Carols

Win tick­ets to The For­got­ten Car­ols, the 20th Anniver­sary Sound­track CD & The For­got­ten Car­ols on DVD, with Mike & Liza Mon­day morn­ing at 6:45 or buy your tick­ets here.



Make It Rain

  Help us make it rain.  If we all do a lit­tle rain dance — or at least lis­ten to a rain song and think rain thoughts, at the same time Mon­day morn­ing, can we make it rain in east Idaho?  Let’s put out the fires, clear the air and get a lit­tle rain to […]



What Song Takes You Back

What song takes you back? Liza was singing an Eddie Rab­bit song from 1981, which led Mike to sing Sheena Easton’s Morn­ing Train, and we just couldn’t stop.  What song takes you back?  We’d love to play it for you Fri­day morning.



What Happened Next

What do you think should hap­pen next? Liza’s son was enjoy­ing an ice cream cone in West Yel­low­stone, Mon­tana.  He was about a block away from the ice cream shop when he licked the ice cream so hard, it fell out of the cone onto the side­walk. What do you think hap­pened?  Tell us your the­ory and hear […]



How Hot Is It

How hot is it? Tell us in the com­ments and Mike & Liza will share the best 6:45 tomor­row morning.



The Secret To Never Getting Fired

Have you ever been fired? Have you ever had to fire some­one?  Tell us all about it. We’ll reveal the secret to never get­ting fired, 6:45 tomor­row morning.