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Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning

Mike says “No, no, no. Never, never, never.” to opening any  presents on Christmas Eve. Liza lets the kids open one.  (They are always new Christmas jammies) What do you say – yes or no to Christmas Eve presents?  



Favorite Holiday Treats

What’s your favorite holiday treat?  Fudge…sugar cookies…pretzels with Rolo’s squished on top?  Spread the Christmas cheer and share your favorite with us here and at 6:45 Monday morning.  



Do You Have More Than One Christmas Tree

Do you put up multiple Christmas trees?  Liza has one upstairs and one downstairs.  Mike has a friend who has 5.  How many Christmas trees to you put up and why do you have multiples?  Tell us here, or 6:45 tomorrow morning.



Win Tickets To The Forgotten Carols

Win tickets to The Forgotten Carols, the 20th Anniversary Soundtrack CD & The Forgotten Carols on DVD, with Mike & Liza Monday morning at 6:45 or buy your tickets here.



Make It Rain

  Help us make it rain.  If we all do a little rain dance – or at least listen to a rain song and think rain thoughts, at the same time Monday morning, can we make it rain in east Idaho?  Let’s put out the fires, clear the air and get a little rain to […]



What Song Takes You Back

What song takes you back? Liza was singing an Eddie Rabbit song from 1981, which led Mike to sing Sheena Easton’s Morning Train, and we just couldn’t stop.  What song takes you back?  We’d love to play it for you Friday morning.



What Happened Next

What do you think should happen next? Liza’s son was enjoying an ice cream cone in West Yellowstone, Montana.  He was about a block away from the ice cream shop when he licked the ice cream so hard, it fell out of the cone onto the sidewalk. What do you think happened?  Tell us your theory and […]



How Hot Is It

How hot is it? Tell us in the comments and Mike & Liza will share the best 6:45 tomorrow morning.



The Secret To Never Getting Fired

Have you ever been fired? Have you ever had to fire someone?  Tell us all about it. We’ll reveal the secret to never getting fired, 6:45 tomorrow morning.