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Do You Think You Have The Right Name

  Do you think you have the right name?  Liza knows a 10 year old boy named Gabe, who intro­duces him­self as Gus.  He told her “I just feel more like a Gus.”  Did you change your name or do you feel like your name suits you?



You're Doing It Wrong: Shining Your Shoes

  Are you shin­ing your shoes wrong?  If you’re not doing it the Mike Nel­son way, you prob­a­bly are.  How do you nor­mally shine your shoes?  Watch this short video and start doing it the right way.  Shine on — Mike & Liza



The End Of Cursive Writing?

As I type this into the com­puter, this caught my eye. The End of Cur­sive Writ­ing… I don’t use cur­sive except to sign my name, and I have to admit even my print­ing has got­ten bad since I don’t do it very often.