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Do You Think You Have The Right Name

  Do you think you have the right name?  Liza knows a 10 year old boy named Gabe, who introduces himself as Gus.  He told her “I just feel more like a Gus.”  Did you change your name or do you feel like your name suits you?



You're Doing It Wrong: Shining Your Shoes

  Are you shining your shoes wrong?  If you’re not doing it the Mike Nelson way, you probably are.  How do you normally shine your shoes?  Watch this short video and start doing it the right way.  Shine on – Mike & Liza



The End Of Cursive Writing?

As I type this into the computer, this caught my eye. The End of Cursive Writing… I don’t use cursive except to sign my name, and I have to admit even my printing has gotten bad since I don’t do it very often.