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Planning In Advance

How far in advance do you plan your vacations?  A co-worker submitted a vacation request for September 2013.  Mike says “Who plans things like that 9 months in advance?” Have you made 2013 vacation plans?  Where and when are you going?    



Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning

Mike says “No, no, no. Never, never, never.” to opening any  presents on Christmas Eve. Liza lets the kids open one.  (They are always new Christmas jammies) What do you say – yes or no to Christmas Eve presents?  



Best Christmas Novelty Song

  What’s the best Christmas novelty song? Does it have The Grinch, a Grandma, or a Donkey?  What about Chipmunks, Barking Dogs, or even Hippopotamusses? Tell us your favorite and we’ll find out the best Christmas novelty song. We’ll play your favorites tomorrow morning!



Information On Propositions 1, 2 & 3

  You may find the information you need at Idaho Students Come First.    



Do You Think You Have The Right Name

  Do you think you have the right name?  Liza knows a 10 year old boy named Gabe, who introduces himself as Gus.  He told her “I just feel more like a Gus.”  Did you change your name or do you feel like your name suits you?



You're Doing It Wrong: Separating Eggs

Find out how you should be separating your eggs [jwplayer mediaid=”40493″]



What Did You Like About Going Back To School

Were you one of those kids that couldn’t wait to get back to school?  What was your favorite part?  Let’s get the kids excited too.  



Mike Wore White To A Wedding

(not actually Mike Nelson)   Mike wore a white shirt and sport coat to a wedding?  Is that ok?



No Candy This Easter

  Your kids won’t be all “hopped” up on sugar Easter Sunday when you fill their baskets with non-candy treats.  What would you put in it?



Mike & Liza Want To Know...

Only 40 days ’til Christmas.  Mike & Liza want to know, what’s your favorite Christmas song?