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How Do You Handle A Bully

News 8 This Morning Anchor Jennifer Livingston responds to a viewer’s letter about her weight and public reaction on social media. How do you handle a bully? Jennifer works for WKBT in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.



Are You Afraid Of Clowns

Are you afraid of clowns? Liza says no clowns in the Idaho Falls 4th of July parade is good news for people who are afraid of clowns.  Mike says “Who’s afraid of clowns?”  



9/11 coverage

I watched some of the 9/11 10th anniversary coverage. I thought most of the networks and cable networks did a good job with the coverage, it was tasteful and subdued, not hyped up like the way most other news is. I think it is time to move on, while not ever forgetting. Did you watch […]