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What Do You Make In Your Waffle Iron

Mike made Schmoopy break­fast in bed “Pin­ter­est Style.” He put the refrig­er­ated cin­na­mon roll dough in the waf­fle iron and driz­zled the cream cheese frost­ing over it. Deli­cious! What can you make in your waf­fle iron? Here’s another deli­cious recipe — try it today. 1 Box DUNCAN HINES Chewy Fudge Pre­mium Brownie Mix 3 Large Eggs 5 […]



Is Everything Really Better With Bacon?

Is every­thing really bet­ter with bacon?  Bacon shakes…bacon sundaes…Liza’s Mom makes peanut but­ter, ketchup and bacon sand­wiches.  What do you put bacon on?



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref - Hoarder or Provider

Dear Mike & Liza, Have you heard that peanuts are going to go up 35% in price?  Appar­ently my hus­band has.  He’s been stock­pil­ing jars of peanuts and peanut but­ter for weeks.  It’s too much!  And we don’t even eat that much peanut but­ter. Please help. Jen­nifer, Ammon



What Is The Worst Halloween Candy

These Root Beer fla­vored Frooties are the WORST Hal­loween candy we’ve ever got­ten.  What do you think the worst candy is? Mike doesn’t like Sixlets or those peanut but­ter taffy’s (which Liza loves.) Liza hates Banana Laffy Taffy and Necco Wafers (yuck.) And what neigh­bor­hood has the best candy?  We’re look­ing for full size candy bars wrapped […]