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Rules For Your Kids & Their Smartphone

Do you have rules and regulations for your kids and their smartphones?  One mom gave her 13 year old an iPhone for Christmas, and it came with the following letter. What do you think of her parenting style and what rules do you have for your kids in regards to technology? Dear Gregory Merry Christmas! […]



Halloween Thanksgiving Or Christmas

It’s “The Holidays.” Are you more of a Halloween person, a Thanksgiving person or a Christmas person?  Tell us why here.  And find out where Mike & Liza fit at 6:45 tomorrow morning.



What Makes Kids Popular

What makes kids popular and do you have “cool kids?”  There is some interesting science behind what makes a kid popular.   It starts so early. On the yard at my son’s preschool during pickups and drop-offs, I already see cliques, social dominance, rejection, and popularity. One 4-year-old is clearly ring-leading a group of fellow […]