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Do Your Pets Eat Better Than You

Do your pets eat better than you do?  Liza has a friend who weekly, makes some ground turkey, brown rice and vegetables…for the dog.  Are you picky about what your pet eats, tell us here and 6:45 Monday morning.



What Pet Are You Surprised You Love

Liza’s son wants an unusual pet.  She is resisting.  Lot’s of mom’s don’t want snakes or lizards or gerbils in their home.  What pet are you surprised to find you love?  



Does Your Pet Have Something To Tell You

Does your pet have something to tell you? We brought Liza’s dog Phoebe to the studio to meet with Katie Weaver. Katie is a Psychic and says she can communicate with animals. If you want to find out what your pet is trying to tell you, you can contact Katie at Healing Hands Reiki And […]



How Much Is Your Pet Costing You

Food, grooming, veterinary care…even treats and toys can add up. How much are you spending on your pet ever year? Find out if you’re spending too much, or too little, with our poll.  Click here. 



Do You Dress Up Your Pets

  10% of Americans admit to dressing up their pets in costumes.  Are you one of them?  Will you share your cute pet picture with us?  www.facebook.com/classy97