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Do Your Pets Eat Better Than You

Do your pets eat bet­ter than you do?  Liza has a friend who weekly, makes some ground turkey, brown rice and vegetables…for the dog.  Are you picky about what your pet eats, tell us here and 6:45 Mon­day morning.



What Pet Are You Surprised You Love

Liza’s son wants an unusual pet.  She is resist­ing.  Lot’s of mom’s don’t want snakes or lizards or ger­bils in their home.  What pet are you sur­prised to find you love?  



Does Your Pet Have Something To Tell You

Does your pet have some­thing to tell you? We brought Liza’s dog Phoebe to the stu­dio to meet with Katie Weaver. Katie is a Psy­chic and says she can com­mu­ni­cate with ani­mals. If you want to find out what your pet is try­ing to tell you, you can con­tact Katie at Heal­ing Hands Reiki And […]



How Much Is Your Pet Costing You

Food, groom­ing, vet­eri­nary care…even treats and toys can add up. How much are you spend­ing on your pet ever year? Find out if you’re spend­ing too much, or too lit­tle, with our poll.  Click here. 



Do You Dress Up Your Pets

  10% of Amer­i­cans admit to dress­ing up their pets in cos­tumes.  Are you one of them?  Will you share your cute pet pic­ture with us?  www.facebook.com/classy97