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What Are Your American Idol Plans

Amer­i­can Idol offi­cials pre­dicted there will be “between 50 and 200″ peo­ple at their Idaho Falls audi­tions Sat­ur­day, August 4th. We think they might be under­es­ti­mat­ing east Idaho’s enthu­si­asm for all things Idol. What are your Amer­i­can Idol plans?  Take our poll here.



Does A Graduation Announcement Require A Gift

Mike got a grad­u­a­tion announce­ment from a dis­tant nephew.  He doesn’t think he needs to get him a gift because it’s not an invi­ta­tion.  Liza believes an announce­ment requires a gift. We’ll abide by your deci­sion.  Take our poll on Facebook.



Tanning: Yes Or No

It feels like sum­mer, so we’re ask­ing “Tan­ning:  Yes or No” Take our poll on Facebook.



How Much Is Your Pet Costing You

Food, groom­ing, vet­eri­nary care…even treats and toys can add up. How much are you spend­ing on your pet ever year? Find out if you’re spend­ing too much, or too lit­tle, with our poll.  Click here. 



How Much Is Too Much



How Much Does Dad Do

  61% of dads say they split the house­hold chores and child­care equally with their part­ners.  What per­cent­age of east Idaho mom’s agree?