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What Are Your American Idol Plans

American Idol officials predicted there will be “between 50 and 200” people at their Idaho Falls auditions Saturday, August 4th. We think they might be underestimating east Idaho’s enthusiasm for all things Idol. What are your American Idol plans?  Take our poll here.



Does A Graduation Announcement Require A Gift

Mike got a graduation announcement from a distant nephew.  He doesn’t think he needs to get him a gift because it’s not an invitation.  Liza believes an announcement requires a gift. We’ll abide by your decision.  Take our poll on Facebook.



Tanning: Yes Or No

It feels like summer, so we’re asking “Tanning:  Yes or No” Take our poll on Facebook.



How Much Is Your Pet Costing You

Food, grooming, veterinary care…even treats and toys can add up. How much are you spending on your pet ever year? Find out if you’re spending too much, or too little, with our poll.  Click here. 



How Much Is Too Much



How Much Does Dad Do

  61% of dads say they split the household chores and childcare equally with their partners.  What percentage of east Idaho mom’s agree?