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Crockpot Cooking

It’s the first official weekend of Fall and you know what that means…Crockpot Cooking. What’s your favorite meal to make in the crockpot and will you share your recipe with us? Plus check out this woman who used her crockpot every day for a year and didn’t repeat a recipe.    



Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

Your kids are eating more processed food than ever.  What are some healthy snacks we can fill them up with this summer? Share your favorite recipe with us and check out our Healthy Snacks For Kids board on Pinterest for a little inspiration.



Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Pie

I’d written this recipe about 5 years ago and posted it online in a couple locations. I promptly forgot about it and lost my hard copy. Then, about three weeks ago, I received an email from one of those online locations noting that a few someones had ‘favorited’ my recipe. Lo and behold – I […]



What To Do With All Those Eggs

You can only eat so much egg salad and deviled eggs?  Share your favorite egg recipe here – please.



Hunger Games Recipes

  You can make an entire meal for you Hunger Games fan with these delicious recipes. Goat Cheese Prim, Katniss’ little sister, helped the family survive thanks to the milk from her pet goat. The morning of reaping day, Katniss wakes to find goat cheese wrapped in fresh basil leaves. Bring this delicious appetizer (or […]



Pinterest: What's The Best Thing You've Found

  What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pinterest? A recipe? A gardening tip? Cute shoes? We’re making the Pinterest KLCE Listener Best Of board.  What would you add to it?