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What Resolutions Did You Make For Your Kids

What are the top resolutions parents make for their kids?  Tell us what you want your kids to do and find out what east Idaho parents want from their kids in 2013 at 6:45 tomorrow.



How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

1. Be very specific about your resolution. Don’t say: “I want to lose weight.” Do say: “I want to lose 5 pounds a month so that I look hot in my new swimsuit on the fourth of July.” Make realistic, measurable goals and write them down.2. Limit the number of resolutions you make. It’s better to […]



Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Team Effort Or Too Bossy

Dear Mike & Liza, My wife posted “our” New Year’s Resolutions on the fridge this morning.  She decided what “our” resolutions were so “we” could work hard to achieve them in 2012. They are the usual, get of debt, eat more vegetables, and spend more time together.  I am just wondering how she got to decide what […]