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What Are Your American Idol Plans

Amer­i­can Idol offi­cials pre­dicted there will be “between 50 and 200″ peo­ple at their Idaho Falls audi­tions Sat­ur­day, August 4th. We think they might be under­es­ti­mat­ing east Idaho’s enthu­si­asm for all things Idol. What are your Amer­i­can Idol plans?  Take our poll here.



Christmas shopping planning

Here are some num­bers for you to pon­der: There are 38 days until Christ­mas. There are 6 Sat­ur­days left before Christ­mas, if you include Christ­mas Eve. Black Fri­day is the busiest shop­ping day of the year, but that is a rel­a­tively recent phe­nom­e­non. Up until the early part of the 2000’s, the Sat­ur­day before Christmas […]