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More School Time? Good Idea?




Are You True To Your School

What if you went to Pocatello High School and your children go to Highland?  Are you a Tiger that married a Grizzly?  How do you handle those cross town rivalries in your own home?



Do You Pay For Grades

Do you pay for grades?  How much?  At what grade do you start paying? Do you think kids need added incentive to do well in school?



What Did You Like About Going Back To School

Were you one of those kids that couldn’t wait to get back to school?  What was your favorite part?  Let’s get the kids excited too.  



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Designer Jeans Drama

Dear Mike & Liza, I’m taking my 16 year old daughter back-to-school shopping.  She wants expensive jeans.  We can afford them, and frankly, she looks better in them. I believe buying her the expensive jeans will boost her self-confidence, be drama free and allow her to focus on her studies.  My husband says jeans have […]



The Most Essential Items For Summer

Your kids will be out of school for summer vacation in a couple of weeks. What are you stocking up on? Sidewalk chalk – bubbles – frozen pizza – Band Aids? What are the most essential items for summer?



Is Your Teen Lying To You

Is your teen lying to you?  Yes.  And they are confessing it on Twitter. Parents can now find out using Twitter and the hashtag, #LiesIvetoldmyparents. The search pulls up the fibs tweeted by kids and range from little lies about homework and school to smoking and alcohol — your typical teen problems. It’s your turn. […]



No Free Lunch

Should we be giving school kids unlimited lunches?  If not, what’s the limit? For the whole story, check out this Local News 8 story.