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Waiting To Put Up The Tree

Why do you wait to put up your Christmas tree? Some people put up their tree the day after Thanksgiving while others wait until later in the season.  Do you wait – – – tell us why.  



What Happened To Christmas Cards

What happened to personal, handwritten Christmas cards?  Liza got her first Christmas Card of the season – a photo montage, with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year printed on the bottom.  It wasn’t even signed.  Does anyone write Christmas cards anymore?



What's Your Crafting Essential?

It’s craft season – what’s the one craft item you just can’t live without? Here are 10 great ideas for getting your craft supplies organized, and keep them organized through Christmas.           Follow us on Pinterest for great craft ideas all year round.



Show Us Your Zucchini

Do you have the biggest zucchini of the season?  Show us your zucchini and we’ll have have some great recipes so you know what to do with it next.  (You can only make so much zucchini bread, right?) The blue ribbon zuke at the Eastern Idaho State Fair weighs in at a whopping 16.5 lbs. […]



American Idol in Idaho Falls

How did Mike & Liza’s audition go for American Idol? Watch and find out. The very first stop for the American Idol Small Town Audition Bus Tour was Saturday, August 4, 2012 in Idaho Falls. Mike & Liza audition for Norm Betts, senior producer for American Idol. Will you see them in Season 12?



New TV Season

Have you been watching any of the new tv shows this Fall? Or are you sticking to old favorites like Dancing With The Stars? Anything stick out as good this year?