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Write Your Six Word Love Story

What is your 6 word love story?  Share it with us here.



Which Wall Would You Decorate

Can you solve our office decorating problem? Liza & Amy share an office. Which wall should they decorate?



How Do You Beat The Heat

With temperatures near 100 for the next couple days, we want to know, how do you beat the heat?  Let’s keep the kids cool – the pets cool – and ourselves cool.  Share your tips, recipes, and heat busting games with all of east Idaho.



When Did You Feel The Most Judged As A Mom

When did you feel the most judged as a mom?  Share your story with us here or call Mike & Liza at 6:45 tomorrow morning. “I confirmed to a coworker that, yes, I was pregnant again. It was my third(and last) pregnancy and my fourth child (my oldest are twins). She said, ‘My goodness! Don’t […]



What To Do With All Those Eggs

You can only eat so much egg salad and deviled eggs?  Share your favorite egg recipe here – please.



Thanksgiving Disaster Stories

What is your Thanksgiving disaster story? Cook the bird with the giblets inside? Serve up a raw turkey for your first Thanksgiving? Seat your Mother next to your Dad’s NEW wife? Share your Thanksgiving disaster story with us.



TMI - How Much Is Too Much

Have you ever been on the receiving end of  TMI?  Mike went in for a hair cut and got WAY too much information.  He now knows all the details of his stylist’s husband’s vasectomy.  (ALL the details)  Come on, you know you want to tell.  Share that TMI story with us.