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Write Your Six Word Love Story

What is your 6 word love story?  Share it with us here.



Which Wall Would You Decorate

Can you solve our office dec­o­rat­ing prob­lem? Liza & Amy share an office. Which wall should they decorate?



How Do You Beat The Heat

With tem­per­a­tures near 100 for the next cou­ple days, we want to know, how do you beat the heat?  Let’s keep the kids cool — the pets cool — and our­selves cool.  Share your tips, recipes, and heat bust­ing games with all of east Idaho.



When Did You Feel The Most Judged As A Mom

When did you feel the most judged as a mom?  Share your story with us here or call Mike & Liza at 6:45 tomor­row morn­ing. “I con­firmed to a coworker that, yes, I was preg­nant again. It was my third(and last) preg­nancy and my fourth child (my old­est are twins). She said, ‘My good­ness! Don’t […]



What To Do With All Those Eggs

You can only eat so much egg salad and dev­iled eggs?  Share your favorite egg recipe here — please.



Thanksgiving Disaster Stories

What is your Thanks­giv­ing dis­as­ter story? Cook the bird with the giblets inside? Serve up a raw turkey for your first Thanks­giv­ing? Seat your Mother next to your Dad’s NEW wife? Share your Thanks­giv­ing dis­as­ter story with us.



TMI - How Much Is Too Much

Have you ever been on the receiv­ing end of  TMI?  Mike went in for a hair cut and got WAY too much infor­ma­tion.  He now knows all the details of his stylist’s husband’s vasec­tomy.  (ALL the details)  Come on, you know you want to tell.  Share that TMI story with us.