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Favorite Hair Band Song Of The 80's

What’s your favorite “Hair Band” song of the 80’s? After 30 years, Mot­ley Crue has announced they will do one final tour and dis­band.   Tell us your favorite hair band song of the 80’s and we’ll play it on Classy.  Fri­day morn­ing is gonna ROCK on Classy 97!  



Best Christmas Novelty Song

  What’s the best Christ­mas nov­elty song? Does it have The Grinch, a Grandma, or a Don­key?  What about Chip­munks, Bark­ing Dogs, or even Hip­popota­musses? Tell us your favorite and we’ll find out the best Christ­mas nov­elty song. We’ll play your favorites tomor­row morning!



Jingle Bingo FAQ

Q: How do I play? A: Get your Jin­gle Bingo card here.  The card is good for the week. The start time for each day is printed on the card. Once we say “Jin­gle Bingo starts now,” begin cross­ing off song titles when we play them. Cross off five songs in a row ver­ti­cally, hor­i­zon­tally or […]



New Thanksgiving Hit Song

  What do you think…and remember…she’s 12 years old. Happy Thanksgiving



Make It Rain

  Help us make it rain.  If we all do a lit­tle rain dance — or at least lis­ten to a rain song and think rain thoughts, at the same time Mon­day morn­ing, can we make it rain in east Idaho?  Let’s put out the fires, clear the air and get a lit­tle rain to […]



You Choose Mike & Liza's American Idol Audition Song

  Mike & Liza are going to audi­tion for Amer­i­can Idol when the small bus tour rolls into Idaho Falls this Sat­ur­day.  You get to choose their audi­tion piece. Mon­day:  Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart Amer­i­can Idol Audi­tion — Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart Tues­day:  Sum­mer Nights Amer­i­can Idol Audi­tion — Sum­mer Nights Wednes­day:  Islands in The Stream […]



What Song Takes You Back

What song takes you back? Liza was singing an Eddie Rab­bit song from 1981, which led Mike to sing Sheena Easton’s Morn­ing Train, and we just couldn’t stop.  What song takes you back?  We’d love to play it for you Fri­day morning.



What Was The #1 Song The Day You Were Born

What was the #1 song on the day you were born?  A new Face­book App will tell you — and Mike & Liza might play it for you. Get the app here. Then tell us what your song is.



Mike & Liza Want To Know...

Only 40 days ’til Christ­mas.  Mike & Liza want to know, what’s your favorite Christ­mas song?  



Favorite Halloween Songs?

Do you have a favorite Hal­loween song? My choice is a lit­tle obscure, but it is called “Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead” from the 60’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFvDFTiHQfU