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Do I Bug You

The one ques­tion that you should ask your spouse, but are prob­a­bly afraid to.  “Do I do any­thing that bugs you?” Mike’s Schmoopy asked him this ques­tion and he couldn’t think of any­thing she does that he finds annoy­ing.  Then he thought “Does she have some­thing she’s try­ing to tell me?” Are you brave enough to ask […]



How You Know "It's On"

Fill in the blank: If my spouse shows up with ____________ I know “it’s on!” Mike likes to sur­prise Schmoopy with flow­ers. At Liza’s house it’s Chi­nese food and a Van Mor­ri­son album.  What works for you and your spouse?



Flirting With Your Spouse

A recent study finds that flirt­ing with your spouse is a healthy way to add excite­ment to your rela­tion­ship, and shows your sig­nif­i­cant other that you’re still attracted to them. How do you flirt with your spouse?