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Does Your Man Need "The Man Aisle"

Get ready to stock up your man cave! An Upper West Side gro­cery store yes­ter­day launched the city’s first “man aisle” — a por­tion of the store ded­i­cated to facil­i­tate a dude’s otherwise-arduous trip to the gro­cery store by putting every­thing in one con­ve­nient loca­tion — from con­doms to steak sauce. “It’s your essen­tials,” explained […]



Are You A Miss Or A Ma'am

Mike over­heard a young man say “Yes Ma’am” to a store clerk.  She was offended.  Then Schmoopy was approached in a store and asked “Are you find­ing every­thing Miss?”  She took that as a com­pli­ment. When do you go from Miss to Ma’am?  Which are you?