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Which Is Healthier This Thanksgiving

  Food Net­work Mag­a­zine staged a Thanks­giv­ing face-off and asked a reg­is­tered dietit­ian to name the bet­ter choices. Study up before the big meal: Here’s how some sta­ples compare.  



What Would Batman Eat

Do you have a hard time get­ting your kids to make healthy choices when it comes to food? Try this — ask them “What would Bat­man eat?” Bat­man, Tay­lor Swift, Tim Tebow…use what­ever hero you think your child will most respond to. Then, let us know how it worked. We can’t wait to hear from […]



Things that are bad for us

First it is sug­ary soft drinks this week, now it is red meat that a new study says causes can­cer. I guess just about every­thing is bad for us. Do you eat red meat, and how many days a week if you do?



Flirting With Your Spouse

A recent study finds that flirt­ing with your spouse is a healthy way to add excite­ment to your rela­tion­ship, and shows your sig­nif­i­cant other that you’re still attracted to them. How do you flirt with your spouse?