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Which Is Healthier This Thanksgiving

  Food Network Magazine staged a Thanksgiving face-off and asked a registered dietitian to name the better choices. Study up before the big meal: Here’s how some staples compare.  



What Would Batman Eat

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to make healthy choices when it comes to food? Try this – ask them “What would Batman eat?” Batman, Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow…use whatever hero you think your child will most respond to. Then, let us know how it worked. We can’t wait to hear from […]



Things that are bad for us

First it is sugary soft drinks this week, now it is red meat that a new study says causes cancer. I guess just about everything is bad for us. Do you eat red meat, and how many days a week if you do?



Flirting With Your Spouse

A recent study finds that flirting with your spouse is a healthy way to add excitement to your relationship, and shows your significant other that you’re still attracted to them. How do you flirt with your spouse?