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What Makes Kids Popular

What makes kids popular and do you have “cool kids?”  There is some interesting science behind what makes a kid popular.   It starts so early. On the yard at my son’s preschool during pickups and drop-offs, I already see cliques, social dominance, rejection, and popularity. One 4-year-old is clearly ring-leading a group of fellow […]



What Happened Next

What do you think should happen next? Liza’s son was enjoying an ice cream cone in West Yellowstone, Montana.  He was about a block away from the ice cream shop when he licked the ice cream so hard, it fell out of the cone onto the sidewalk. What do you think happened?  Tell us your theory and […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref - What Direction Should The Silverware Point

  Dear Mike & Liza, I love listening to Marriage Ref every week and I NEVER thought I’d have anything for you to decide – but here I am.  My husband has started putting the forks and knives pointing up in the dishwasher.  He has some cockamamie theory about them damaging the plastic basket.  I don’t want […]