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What Makes Kids Popular

What makes kids pop­u­lar and do you have “cool kids?”  There is some inter­est­ing sci­ence behind what makes a kid pop­u­lar.   It starts so early. On the yard at my son’s preschool dur­ing pick­ups and drop-offs, I already see cliques, social dom­i­nance, rejec­tion, and pop­u­lar­ity. One 4-year-old is clearly ring-leading a group of fellow […]



What Happened Next

What do you think should hap­pen next? Liza’s son was enjoy­ing an ice cream cone in West Yel­low­stone, Mon­tana.  He was about a block away from the ice cream shop when he licked the ice cream so hard, it fell out of the cone onto the side­walk. What do you think hap­pened?  Tell us your the­ory and hear […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref - What Direction Should The Silverware Point

  Dear Mike & Liza, I love lis­ten­ing to Mar­riage Ref every week and I NEVER thought I’d have any­thing for you to decide — but here I am.  My hus­band has started putting the forks and knives point­ing up in the dish­washer.  He has some cocka­mamie the­ory about them dam­ag­ing the plas­tic bas­ket.  I don’t want to […]